Freezer Meals

Freezer Meals

June Meals are posted!  Please note that we have additional meals available to pick up anytime in our deli.  There will be 1 pick up dates for the June Meals: June 17th from 3-5pmfor those who placed 'Monthly' meal orders. If this date does not work, please email [email protected] to arrange an alternative pick up time.


What It Is

Gutes Essen catering prepares frozen dinners that are pre-cooked, so all you need to do is thaw and heat!

Meals come in two convenient sizes: Family size and smaller size. Family size meals contain 4-6 servings, with the smaller containing 2-3 servings.

Pot Roast Dinner

How It Works

Meal offerings are posted the 1st of each month on our website with ability to preorder monthly meals.  Each month will feature 4 different meal options.  For the preorder meals, please choose a pick up date and pick up at DOOR 8.

Additional meals will be available for pick up in our deli within Oak Hills Living Center.  Please enter through DOOR 1 (main entrance under the canopy).  Once inside the building, you may go to the right to Gutes Essen Deli.  There is a reach in freezer to choose your meals and you can pay at the register.  The deli is open 7 days a week.  Please pick up meals between the hours of 8am-5pm.  It will be a first come, first served basis, but we will make as many meals as we would typically sell in a given month, adjusting as we go along!  There may also be 'extra' items available as we are feeling creative!

Join our Facebook group 'Oak Hills Freezer Meals' for updates.

Picking Up

Pick up dates and times are 7 days/week from 8am-5pm for the ones stocked in the deli.  Each month, new meals will be posted along with the date they will be available!  Pre-ordered meals will be picked up during an assigned pick up time at Door 8. Please reference your email. Please park in our visitor lot when picking up meals.  You are welcome to check out our deli case along with our daily specials during your visit!

Chicken Tortellini Soup
Freezer Meals

Cooking Instructions

All Gutes Essen freezer meals are 'precooked'. All you need to do is heat. It is recommended that you thaw 1-2 days to ensure even cooking. All foods should be reheated to an internal temperature of 165F for food safety purposes.

Get Your Timesaving Freezer Meals

Gutes Essen Freezer Meals offer an easy, affordable option to get a
homemade meal on your table in minutes. No prep time, just heat and serve!

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